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THX Achromatic™ Audio Amplifier technology

21 February 2022

Introducing the Benchmark AHB2 – The world’s first amplifier featuring

THX AAA™ delivers the most accurate performance of any amplification technology now available revealing every detail of even the most dynamic hi-resolution content.

THX Achromatic is a patented all analog amplifier technology that minimizes distortion to vanishingly low levels (0.0001% @ 1 kHz). In addition to being impeccably quiet and accurate, the THX circuit reduces power wasted as heat allowing for a more efficient and compact design that operates at lower temperatures. The AHB2 truly delivers everything that demanding audiophiles could want – unparalleled detail, nearly immeasurable noise and stable performance even when driving heavy and difficult loudspeaker loads to full output.

Benchmark ABH2 Power Amplifier

Reviewing press give the AHB2 much praise for its astonishing performance:-

“The Class G (THX) AAA Amplifier could go down in audio history” Keith Howard

“The S/N ratio was about 131.6 dB. Pretty impressive, and this is the lowest output noise level I have seen in any power amplifier I have measured!” Bascom H. King (BHK Labs)

“The transients were dead-on accurate — without the shrillness I often hear in bipolar amps. The AHB2’s sonic character is dynamic, open, with quick, taut bass — yet with the silky ease of the best tube amp. But tube amps don’t have the energy and speed in the transients, nor bass, that the Benchmark possesses.” John Gatski (Everything Audio)

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