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Introducing the dCS Ring DAC™ APEX

22 February 2022

In March 2022, dCS are launching the dCS Ring DAC™ APEX. "This new hardware - the result of several months of intensive research and development - allows us to deliver a range of sonic and measured improvements, and enhance the musical performance of two renowned dCS systems." . The new version of the dCS Ring DAC is for their Vivaldi and Rossini series where they have made major changes and reconfigured the circuit board for an all-new analogue output stage.


This has allowed them to reduce distortion, improve linearity, and deliver both measured and subjective improvements in a range of key areas, taking the Ring DAC’s world-leading performance to a new level. It has also allowed them to further enhance the performance of the much-loved dCS Vivaldi DAC, Rossini DAC, and Rossini Player.

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