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Auralic Vega S1
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Welcome to Igloo Audio

Igloo Audio is a premier HiFi dealer that takes an individual approach driven by our love of music. We are the first call in you becoming acquainted with the complexities of computer audio, streamers and DACs, supplying only the very best HiFi equipment: including amplifiers, headphones, loudspeakers and sophisticated room correction tools.

“Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.” Plato

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HiFiMan Ananda Planar Headphones
HiFiMan Ananda Planar Headphones
£549.00   £395.00
ATC SCM40 Floorstanding Speakers
ATC SCM40 Floorstanding Speakers
Hegel H190 Integrated Amplifier Pre-Loved
Hegel H190 Integrated Amplifier Pre-Loved
£3,300.00   £1,750.00
ATC SCM11 Standmount Speakers Open Box
ATC SCM11 Standmount Speakers Open Box
£1,650.00   £1,320.00
Gold Note DS-10 Evo Streaming DAC Open Box
Gold Note DS-10 Evo Streaming DAC Open Box
£3,195.00   £2,495.00
Gold Note PH-5 and PSU-5 Bundle
Gold Note PH-5 and PSU-5 Bundle
£1,498.00   £1,348.00
ATC SCM19 Standmount Speakers
ATC SCM19 Standmount Speakers
PS Audio AirLens Streaming Interface Ex Demo
PS Audio AirLens Streaming Interface Ex Demo
£1,995.00   £1,495.00
Exposure 3510 Integrated Amplifier
Exposure 3510 Integrated Amplifier
JBL SA550 Integrated Amplifier Open Box
JBL SA550 Integrated Amplifier Open Box
£1,749.00   £875.00
PS Audio BHK Stereo 250 Power Amplifier Open Box
PS Audio BHK Stereo 250 Power Amplifier Open Box
£8,495.00   £5,900.00
AURALiC S1 External Purer-Power Supply Unit
AURALiC S1 External Purer-Power Supply Unit
Exposure 2510 Integrated Amplifier
Exposure 2510 Integrated Amplifier
Lindemann Limetree USB DAC
Lindemann Limetree USB DAC
£725.00   £495.00
AURALiC ARIES S1 Streaming Processor
AURALiC ARIES S1 Streaming Processor
Gold Note PH-10 Phono Stage
Gold Note PH-10 Phono Stage
Amphion Argon 3S Standmount Speakers (Pair)
Amphion Argon 3S Standmount Speakers (Pair)
Benchmark Media AHB2 Power Amplifier
Benchmark Media AHB2 Power Amplifier
JBL MP350 Classic Digital Media Player
JBL MP350 Classic Digital Media Player
£899.00   £449.00
HiFiMan Arya Stealth Planar Headphones
HiFiMan Arya Stealth Planar Headphones
£960.00   £695.00
ELAC SUB 2050 Subwoofer Pre-Loved
ELAC SUB 2050 Subwoofer Pre-Loved
£999.00   £295.00

The professional division

Expert no-nonsense advice for audiophiles and recording engineers.
We cover all things audio from microphones to signal processing through to active monitoring for all users and businesses.


  Made To Order

The smallest professional-use Harbeth is the Monitor 20.2 loudspeaker. The trusted natural Harbeth sound in a form factor ideal for small spaces such as outside broadcast trucks, workstation-offices and editing suites.


  Made To Order

The Monitor 30.2 loudspeaker is a perfect all-round solution for natural sound in a modest cabinet size and is especially convenient in a wide-range 5-7-11 or Dolby Atmosô multi-channel sound authoring system.


  Made To Order

The three-way Monitor 40.3 loudspeaker is the ultimate solution to 'Grade 1' audio monitoring, enhancing and modernising the sonic performance of the earlier models introduced in the late 1990s, themselves replacements for the obsolete two-way LS5/8.

Recent Customer Testimonials

Clean Electric
01 July 2024  |  Michael

Excellent upgrade in resolving very dirty mains supply.
Removed all noise from supply without affecting overall detail and soundstage.
Thank you to Igloo Audio for the great advice.

Great service
09 April 2024  |  Richard

Excellent first service as ever from Igloo.

14 March 2024  |  Adrian

I bought this combination several months ago and feel it is time to give some feedback. At the time of purchase I was after an upgrade to my existing system to make the most of Roon and active speakers. This was not top of my list but,after much discussion and invaluable advice from Peter (Igloo) it became clear that this was exactly what I was looking for.. itís a stunning piece of equipment surpassing my expectations. Aesthetically pleasing Italian design,a breeze to set up,it provides a beautifully balanced musical sound to ATC active speakers.. It provides a neutral sound,crystal clear but with a touch of warmth. Itís a great oairing with the Actives but what surprised me the most was the headphone amp.,it is exceptional,as good as anything I have heard. I have a ridiculous number of headphones and it powers all with ease.oozing detail but not destroying power recordings.. I also own the Focal Arche and Naim Unity Headphone Edition,both fantastic,but this is ever so slightly better.
I wholeheartedly recommend the Gold Note. I must add the advice from Igloo and the customer service is as good as you will get.

Honesty is the Best Policy
02 March 2024  |  Peter

True to ATC form, these masterpieces deliver the goods without fanfare or slight of hand. They just keep you connected to the flow of sound, revealing layers of subtlety in there, bringing the music to glorious life.

Stunning Performance
26 February 2024  |  Gary

I play mostly classical vinyl and the quality of the sound is very important.
I have several moving coil cartridges and this Hana SL rates highly. The information retreval is superb as is the tracking. Highly Recommended.

Eversolo DMP-A6 Streaming DAC
25 February 2024  |  Steve

Great experience with Igloo audio. Kept informed as to status of order and delivery. Streamer arrived well packaged and in perfect condition. Will definitely be buying from them again.

Gold Note DS10 Evo
17 February 2024  |  Peter

After problems with 1st unit supplied,delighted with replacement,sounding great with speakers and headphones.Will consider power supply upgrade.
Peter from Igloo and Glen from Gold Note very helpful.

EverSolo DMP-A6 Master Edition
12 February 2024  |  Mark

What can I say. It does exactly what it says on the box. I also like the fact that they are continually updating the software with improvements.

Starting to sing
09 February 2024  |  Gareth

It has only taken a couple of weeks for this amazing phono stage to open up. Huge but focussed sound stage with all records. Slightly tweaked the settings to find the best balance with my Hana ML MC cart

Phono stage end game for me

Puritan PSM156
30 January 2024  |  Chris

One of its claims (supported elsewhere on the Internet) is the removal of DC offset. My mains has only 5mv DC offset so I cant make an informed comment.

Where I have found it amazing, is in cleaning the mains supply, particularly noise introduced by Switched Mode Power Supplies SMPS

Brief History
I have been into Hi Fi for over 50 years. My system has evolved over those years and as the system got better all the normal attributes of Hi fi improved.
About 5yrs ago I was able to set up a dedicated listening room, but ironically this is when I became aware of an underlying harshness (glare) to everything I listened to. So in a traditional fashion I changed bits of gear (mainly valve stuff), then interconnects and speaker cables, then treated the room with absorbers and diffusers, then tackled component isolation. All the while I moved the system around the room to search out the best location. I even got my ears syringed in desperation

After all this time and effort, improvements to the Hi Fi were marked, but that slight glare still invaded all my listening, meaning my music sessions never went past 90 minutes. - Sad.

The Cure
Recently I became aware of the damage that SMPSs do to the quality of mains power, injecting high frequency mush back into the supply. A quick count up of my house revealed about 30 SMPSs not including my neighbours.
They were all invasive - 3 Alexas, 8 chargers, computers etc etc, even on one of my DACs and First Watt pre-amp.

As best I could, I turned off every SMPS and listened again. The improvement to the enjoyment of the music improved enough to justify the purchase of a Puritan PSM156

This was a revelation. My system now sounds fantastic and I listen for many hours without feeling the need to go and do something else.

Specifically music seem more real, more relaxing, more enjoyable. I see reviews elsewhere claiming more bass, better instrument separation etc, but I see it much more simply. Removing the MUSH has let the system breath


1. Silences within music and between tracks are blacker. Sometimes it seems like the whole system has turned off.
2. With MUSH removed everything is better defined
3. With MUSH removed small detail is revealed. This shows itself at the boundaries of the soundstage meaning the soundstage itself is wider and deeper
4. I can plug my Hi Fi SMPS devices alongside everything else with no downsides
5. My system sounds the same no matter what else is turned on in the house or what time of day.
6. The cost is spread over 5 devices so its easier to persuade yourself its good value
7. I have lots of experience and you will just have to trust me that spending this money on any other component(s) would have got nowhere near this improvement

The Puritan PSM 156 takes several hours to burn in
It can be left powered on 24/7, consuming just 0.2W of electricity
This device worked for me in my system. Your mileage may vary.

The care and service from Igloo Audio was first class

26 January 2024  |  Adam

This is a well engineered piece of kit. As the specs suggest, it is completely transparent and extracts the last details from all kinds of digital sources. The unit is solidly built, and the features you need are all there. Nice remote control and iOS app, too. Highly recommended.

Fantastic High End CD Player
15 January 2024  |  Christopher

I decided to take a risk on purchasing the new Hegel Viking CD player without auditioning it. I did this based on my experience with the Hegel H390 and H590 integrated amplifiers - which are both fantastic at their price point.
I need not have worried - the Viking sounded good out of the box but after about 100 hours of run in sounded amazing.
I have owned CD players in the past (mainly Marantz) but they have always sounded digital. By that, I mean hyper detailed but edgy & bright in character. The Viking is very different and sounds very analogue. Still detailed but smoother with a less bright sound. The bass is excellent too Ė not overblown but very articulate. Imaging and sound staging is much better than I have heard from any CD player before.
I have been working my way through my old collection of CDs and enjoying them all over again.
Make sure you use the XLR connections out and use high quality cables.

Highly Recommended

Great service
01 January 2024  |  Ian

Item arrived in good time. Great service

Long awaited CD player.
31 December 2023  |  Andrew

Iíve not had a cd player in my setup for many years. I mainly listed to vinyl. Since purchasing the CD2 before Christmas Iíve put on various CDís and have been pleasantly surprised on how much extra detail there is. Iím really pleased with the purchase. 10/10

Excellence all round
06 December 2023  |  Richard

In my short time with the Mojo2 I have been extremely impressed by its quality and features. Highly recommended.
The service from Igloo was also exemplary - ordered on a Friday and had next day delivery on the Saturday, most unexpected but welcomed.

26 November 2023  |  Adrian

These are truly exceptional speakers and perhaps the best way to experience the ATC sound signature. They are substantial but not overly so,fairly easy to position. I spent a fair amount of time experimenting with distance from the wall,toe in etc. In reality the end position was similar to the starting position which was a minor compromise between living room aesthetic and pure sound quality. They are neutral but not clinically so,there is a nice blend between studio clarity and warmth that makes listening enjoyable,non fatiguing. Bass is tight,has a physical presence but it is the mids that separate these speakers from the pack. I would describe these as non genre specific,they sound as good playing rock music as they do classical. They do have to be played at a decent volume to enjoy the clarity and depth they offer,and they donít make poor recordings sound like anything other than poor recordings. Feed them a good quality source file and they sing. Mine are linked to a Gold Note streamer as a Roon end point and it is as good a combination as I can realistically afford. Customer service,advice,from Peter at Igloo was first class making the whole experience pleasurable. I will have many happy years with these speakers with no itch to upgrade,so an expensive investment that will prove to be a shrewd one.

25 November 2023  |  Timothy

Iíve been more than happy with Igloo Audio. My initial order arrived very quickly and they were very quick to respond to some follow up questions.

17 November 2023  |  Jacek

After connecting to the Quad Artera, beautiful music flowed from the focal speakers, which although I knew it perfectly, I listened to it as if for the first time. The Eversolo DMP-A6 Master Edition is worth every penny. I would highly recommend.

Eversolo master edition
28 October 2023  |  Ian

Just to say that I am very happy with both the service that I received from Peter and team, my order was fulfilled with lightning speed and communication was excellent, the Eversolo dm6 master edition is everything I wanted and more, very happy customer. Thank you

excellent Hana SL
23 October 2023  |  Adrian

Great looking cartridge but above all great precision, a bit too early (needs to play for a few hours) but I'm happy now!

Chord Poly at Igloo
26 September 2023  |  Rick

An excellent product provided with excellent service. Very speedy and efficient delivery. Brilliant product. Fairly easy to set up with the new app excellent sound quality and has become my go to music server

The best Audiophile Headphones I have experienced for the price
09 September 2023  |  Damien

What a sonic feast for the ears. A good bump up in Bass, from previous models of Hifiman Headphones I have tried. The Soundstage is extremely expansive. You can hear absolutely everything and pick out the placement of instruments with everything being projected with extreme clarity. The Mids are beautifully clean and comforting. The highs don't seem as bright as other models from Hifiman. I really do enjoy the overall sound and it has made me want to check out a lot more of my collection trying these Headphones instead of listening via Speakers. Highly Recommend and are probably on par with models that are a lot more expensive. A must buy at this price range.

A new way of listening
17 August 2023  |  David

Bought these as a bit of a gamble, just read the reviews and took a chance without auditioning them. Good decision !
Listening to them side by side with my old Monitor Audios... not a step change in sound but certainly more 'life' to the music.
I feared that driving them with an old 'average' amp was going to be a problem, but no, it coped with ease.
The music, especially live recordings are more natural, the individual instruments sound... 'individual' rather than compressed together to form the music. You certainly feel that instead of listening to the sound of the band... you are listening to the musicians in the band.
Love my Maggies...

The baby that roars
22 July 2023  |  Tony

Not my first Maggie speaker. These truly are excellent sounding speakers. Take time place them correctly for best results and you won't be disappointed. The base in my small room is deep and punchy. Certainly gives boxes a good run for money. Add the size of the stage. Vocals are amazing. I'm using a Cambridge Audio Topaz SR10/ Rega Apollo R CD. These Maggies are hard to drive and the amp certainly lets me know. Time for more power. And even better sound quality.

Just keeps getting better!
13 July 2023  |  Leigh

The reviews are right, this amp sounds great.
When first turned on it sounded good, after the first 5 hrs it sounded better. Now itís done over 200hrs and itís sounding great and still seems to be getting better, soundstage big and detailed, ultra linear has the edge on detail and separation but triode is just sweet and gets your feet tapping still with good detail and soundstage - I love this amp!

Perfect addition to any vinyl collection
14 May 2023  |  Steve

Wow, what can I say. I recently got back into vinyl after a 30+ year hiatus. After installing my Linn Sondek I knew I would want to treat her right by not torturing the Troika cartridge with grubby records so I picked up a Pro-ject VCS2 Alu, it sort of did the job on many LPs but it got awkward, the vaccuum was worryingly loud., the felt on the arm got wet which meant when the platter was slowing down during drying you had to retract the arm while the record was still moving otherwise you ended up with damp smudge marks on the vinyl. Also the results were not consistent so sometimes it felt like I was going through the motions for a shinier record but not necessarily a cleaner one. So I took my search online for something better and it seems there really is no better than the Degritter MKIi. It does everything, tells you everything and the results are amazing. I automatically clean every record I get now. I have cleaned records for a friend who has been over the moon with the results, infact he told me if had the chance to use one before he probably would have kept some of the records he sold on previously because of record noise. The most noticeable difference has been removing noise from both new and used records and pops from older records.
I couldn't be without it, my equipment and my records deserve being treated with care. It comes at a price but so does this hobby.
Thanks to Igloo for providing a top service and getting my unit to me very quickly and securely.

MiniDSp UMIK-1
08 May 2023  |  Mitch

I have been fitting my listening room with acoustic panels and using this mic in conjunction with Room Equalisation Wizard (free) to measure progress. The MiniDSp works perfectly, although one needs a full sized mic stand to place the mic at exactly the right positions. Operating instructions of both the mic and REW are good, but it is quite steep learning curve - good fun though!

Exposure 2510
19 April 2023  |  David

The Exposure sounds fantastic! Fairly neutral, perhaps with a slight warmth. I upgraded from a more entry level Rotel integrated and whilst at 3x the cost you would expect a significant improvement, I was taken aback by the vast difference. Much greater clarity and definition, improved dynamics and soundstage width, and I can just hear so much more in recordings. At 75w (not huge) the amp still sounds and feels very capable and has decent grip on bass. The only problem is it has now got me thinking about upgrading other components in my setup to keep pace. At this price I genuinely cannot think of any negatives.

HiFiMan Sundara
03 April 2023  |  Mitch

Great headphones. Comfortable with an excellent sound particularly when used with equalisation from the RME ADI 2 DAC.

03 April 2023  |  Mitch

The DAC is sonically transparent with a noise and distortion floor well below the threshold of hearing, so I do not think the sound can be bettered at any price. It is also remarkably versatile whatever the source.

PSM 156
26 March 2023  |  Lyndon

Swapped from a non-filtering distribution strip; difference was immediately apparent. Blacker background, music has more depth front to back. Tracks have greater 3D; instruments appear 3 dimensional, rather than a collection of instruments pasted on to a 2D canvass.

Track components also seem more articulate than without the 156, and the space of the recording is more apparent; the ambience of the room is easier to discern - greater atmosphere/emotion.

The PSM 156 to my mind should be considered a component, as important as any other in a system, it is that good.

Great product, no hyperbole, it does what it is advertised as doing. Now for Puritan's Grounding products

What more can I say?
21 March 2023  |  Derek

The previous reviews here have gone into ample detail on the capabilities of these headphones. I'm early in my burn-in journey but these headphones are such a welcome upgrade from my previous classically driven headphones. The clarity is phenomenal, I've paired them with a Matrix Audio Elements x2 dac/amp/streamer and they're absolutely shining.

I'd always been warned that planars felt significantly heavier, especially with long use, but I've had these on all day while working and have noticed no difference from wearing other headphones like HD660s/HD800s, the HE-1000s are a beautifully designed piece of kit with fantastically ergonomic head fitting and exceptional soundstage and quality.

Astounding piece of kit
21 March 2023  |  Derek

The element x2 streamer is a meticulously designed unit with exceptional sound and fantastic software, I plugged it in to my HDMI source (ARC), connected the network cable and it immediately sprang into action, did a self update to the latest-and-greatest firmware and then immediately got out of my way so I could get down to business.

My Hifiman HE-1000 v2 headphones absolutely shine with the x2, the clarity and soundstage of the combination is absolutely stunning.

The integration with local audio sources and Tidal streaming services worked seamlessly and took me seconds to setup via the Matrix mobile app.

Can't recommend this unit enough, understated but exceptionally qualified piece of kit.

Highest Level of customer support
27 February 2023  |  Anthony

What can you say about Igloo audio that has not been said before. Kept up to date on the order received regular updates and arrived on time as communicated by the team at Igloo Audio. My go to Hi FI shop.

Great Headphones and service
13 February 2023  |  Jon

Took a few days to break them in but I love these headphones- great upgrade to my Grado 325e (and more comfortable). Service from Igloo was first class - arrived next day.

Beyond Expectations Sound quality
12 February 2023  |  Reuben

Igloo Audio were superb from start to finish of this transaction. Outstanding communication, knowledge and before and after purchase care, offering their 5% on this my first purchase and delivery all the way to Argyle and Bute, Scotland free. The ATCSCM40 passives have transformed my system offering, more clarity, exposure, timing and insight into my chosen source subjects. I'm listening to mainly vocals, acoustic and amplified instrumentation through my speakers, therefore don't need bass heavy speakers, however these produce plenty. They do require more juice from the amplifiers, so definitely 150w per channel plus. The cabinet stand (angled and integrated), spikes and magnet grill are top notch and protect those stunning (made in England) drivers and beautiful 75mm mid (star of show make). The 3-way binding posts were a bit of a tight fit with my double x NBS jumpers, but all running superbly. These speakers also have spot on dimensions for smaller rooms and the cherry finish is better in the flesh than adverts. ATC also make registration available and warranty. Recommended A+++++

Great supplier
28 January 2023  |  Justin

Was a day behind posting due to event over weekend but was very honest great comms great service thanks

Give this a go
15 January 2023  |  Peter

Having read several reviews that were consistent in their very positive view of the Puritan, I decided to take the plunge and buy one. Any regrets? Absolutely not. This thing is quite simply superb in my system consisting of a WT Versalex, Leben CS600 and Harbeth P3s. It does what the maker claims and the reviews reflect. Very pleased.

Puritan Classic mains cables
12 January 2023  |  Alan

Having purchased a Puritan PSM156 from Igloo and getting great results I decided to move all my mains cables to the Puritan classic. Igloo informed me that the cables would need to be made up but would arrive before Xmas (2022) as I ordered a week before Xmas. As promised the cables arrived on the 23rd, excellent service and they have made a difference, very pleased overall

Exposure 3510 Mono Power Amplifiers
02 January 2023  |  Neil

I have maybe taken the slightly unorthodox choice of pairing the 3510 mono blocks with the Exposure 2510 integrated amp as opposed to using the 3510 pre amp. I have found that the mono blocks add more grip and authority to the 2510, with additional detail to the lower mid and bass frequencies with a pleasant feeling of effortlessness when turning the volume up.
I was happy with the performance of the 2510 on its own but adding the 3510 mono blocks have taken it to the next level. As being used with high sensitivity loudspeakers I was keen to preserve the reserved quality of the 2510 in the high frequencies, enjoying that it's presentation is not too harsh or fatiguing (possibly owing to its passive pre amp section). I was pleased to find that this quality remained intact when partnering with the 3510 monos, which offer a slightly warm but detailed listening experience not unlike the 2510 but more expansive with additional weight to the sound. Overall I have found them be very nuanced performers and a welcome addition to existing set up. Very recommended for those who already enjoy the Exposure sound and are looking to upgrade or those seeking a fuller, wider presentation.

Puritan Audio PSM156
05 December 2022  |  Alan

Mains products are hit or miss but having several components with Toroidal Transformers I have been plagued but Transformer hum, watched a YouTube review of the PSM156 so took a chance, Igloo had a great deal and the unit arrived within a day or two. Plugged everything in and silence, no hum at all, then as I played some music I got improvement in detail, sound floor, cannot recommend enough

First time using Igloo Audio. would definitely come back for more!
02 December 2022  |  Ellis

I bought these whilst they were on offer from the original £2500 price. Whatís even better, on the first order from Igloo Audio, you can get 5% off when you sign up to their newsletter.

Customer support is great, fast support and always receive shipping updates from them and the courier.

So far iím 110 hours of burn in into these headphones out of the recommended 180 - 200 hours on the hifiman site. The headphones have changed 5 times so far; It sounds like a completely different unit from the first 40 hours.

Couldnít be happier! Highly recommend this company and this hifiman model.

Graham Audio LS6f
28 October 2022  |  Andrew

Hi, after consulting with Peter at Igloo Audio I eventually took delivery of a pair of Graham Audio LS6f's (Chartwell monitors).
They are finished in natural rosewood and the finish is stunning.
Sound quality is remarkable. The main word that kept coming to mind as I went through my music recordings was "correctness".
I have owned several pairs of loudspeakers both dynamic and panel loudspeakers.. The LS6f's are on a different level. They are natural, non fatiguing but also very revealing and as stated earlier sound "correct". They can be used very near the front wall and toed in towards the listening position. I don't use the spikes. They are a loudspeaker you connect up and then just focus on your music, whatever genre that may be. At last, the end of the upgrading path.

Exposure 2510 integrated amplifier
25 October 2022  |  Neil

I have found the 2510 to be an excellent sounding amplifier and great value for the money. I have used it with high efficiency loudspeakers and have found the volume high enough, but those with harder to drive speakers may find they need more power than the 75wpc available. The sound is most expansive in the mid ranges with slightly rolled off treble and a nice thick sounding bass, although not the most detailed bass you'll find. Where this amplifier excels is it's beautiful tone, it's got the most amazing natural sound which is slightly warm - rather like a good valve amp. You can listen for hours without fatigue but still access all the dynamism, depth and soundstage of a high end amplifier.

Solidsteel S3A amp stand
04 October 2022  |  Chi

High quality built, very pleasure my amps have new stands, very solid and stable, good sound as well.

Graham Audio LS8/1 Loudspeakers
02 October 2022  |  Terence

My criteria for any loudspeaker is that it can reproduce acoustic instruments (and voices) with some degree of believability.

From the start the LS8/1's showed promise, and have improved considerably in the short while I have had them. Whilst sceptical about many claims made for "hi-fi" components there does seem to be some truth in the idea of running in (these) loudspeakers. An initial slight brashness has become (already) a sweet edge on string instruments (especially solo violin) Of course much of this depends on the actual recorded quality which in most cases we can only guess at! Vocals can already be excellent. Wind and brass instruments are also nicely "drawn"

The speakers seem capable of reproducing percussion instruments quite convincingly, with adequate power and considerable detail.

I have had experience of high-quality analogue and digital equipment including many recording sessions. I think these loudspeakers would fit in well in that environment.

I already rate these as very good, and am hoping they continue to improve. Very few loudspeakers really get close to my criteria. These seem to be a good attempt, and to my ears, among a select few which (for some music) could be used as a genuine reference.

Perfect for us.
01 October 2022  |  John

They do exactly what we wanted. The combination with our Spendor A2s sound fabulous in our little room.

Worth every penny
25 July 2022  |  Alex

This power supply with the gold note ph10 does what it saiys on the tin 2 phono ports for ppl that have 2 turntables .sound is good placement of power supply leave a good space from amp

Elac Vela Speakers
13 July 2022  |  Glynn

Recently purchased Elac Vela Speakers.
Excellent service, knowledgeable
experiece from Peter, Highly recommended.

Degritter Record Cleaning Machine
03 June 2022  |  Simon

Great service from Igloo: excellent communication from Peter and swift delivery.

The machine itself is every bit as brilliant as I hoped. Really enjoying being able to clean my collection without hassle. Plus, the configurability of the Degritter has really moved the game on from earlier gen ultrasonic cleaners.

Excellent investment
21 April 2022  |  Richard

I have found the Puritan 156 to be a great success. I am running a Lumin streamer to a pair of monobloc valve amps and active stereo subs. The Puritan removed all hums and buzzes from the power amps and I perceive a noticeable 'tightening' of the bass - and perhaps a better soundstage too. And it is great to be able to run the entire system through one mains socket and be confident enough to leave it permanently switched on. Highly recommended.

Graham Audio LS6
05 April 2022  |  William

I purchased these speakers on a sale or return basis, as they werenít available for dealer audition. I was particularly interested in both the vocal and acoustic instrument performance - I replacing my outgoing B&W 705 s2 speakers. Initially I was unconvinced, as seemed initially a little reticent at first, but as the days wore on they opened up and not only gave the characteristics I was looking for, but also a bigger soundstage than the B&Wís. They perform well with LP, CD & Streaming sources and work superbly with my Naim Nova (& Gold Note P10 in particular). The presentation gives real depth and placement of instruments, so that the overall performance is very satisfying. Thumbs up to Igloo for securing them and delivering so quickly..Excellent Customer Service.

Great product , great service
01 April 2022  |  Graham

Hifiman HE1000 SE almost as good as my Susvara ( also supplied by Igloo ) and much easier to drive . Great product , great service as always . Both highly recommended

Excellent sound for such small size
11 January 2022  |  Gareth

These speakers produce a highly detailed, elegant sound with surprising depth given how tiny they are. I adjusted tone settings on my Denon M38 (bass enhancement) and they performed much better. Expensive but if you want high quality detailed sound and you have limited space for speakers then these are outstanding.

Clearaudio Concept MC
10 January 2022  |  Colin

A turntable upgrade has been long overdue and after speaking with Peter and taking into account my current system he recommended the Clearaudio Concept MC. The record player is a thing of beauty and so easy to set up. The build smacks of quality engineering so you know it is going to sound great. Within a few moments we were playing vinyl and the sound was amazing. The vocals came alive, with warmth and depth, with instruments clearly defined. Record after record was played and the enjoyment just got better and better. I cannot recommend this turntable highly enough.

Thank you
06 January 2022  |  Kevin

The Goldnote PH-10 arrived this morning is now up an running and I'm absolutely delighted with it. Despite the fact it will need to run in I have just played the Eagles "Hotel California" from the When Hell Freezes Over album. I have always considered this to be an good pressing but wow it has never sounded like this.

Benchmark LA4 Pre Amplifier
12 December 2021  |  Christopher

This is a truly remarkable product in many ways. The build quality and finish are excellent; the very precise control it allows over your power amp without any hint of distortion and the pure transparency of the sound it produces are a joy to behold! Highly recommend an audition of this Preamp.....Superb!

I also want to add that the customer service I received from Igloo Audio was second to none. Every step of the transaction, from the Trade- in to the arrival of the new PreAmp at my door was handled in a very professional and courteous manner, with excellent communications from Peter ensuring everything went smoothly. I would highly recommend Igloo audio, and will definitely purchase from them again.

Great entry point for Optical
08 November 2021  |  Martin

There is a lot I could say about the ADOT kit, but for me the most important thing is that it provides a comprehensive, safe and reliable entrťe into into optical connection of audio equipment. There's a comprehensive Ďhow toí guide showing you how all the components connect. Most importantly, this is backed up by excellent support. I did need to talk to the support guy and he was very knowledgeable and helpful. And thatís the value here. Yes, you can buy the individual components more cheaply from electronics suppliers (and Amazon for that matter), but if you are new to this stuff you wouldnít have the Ďhow toí guide or the specialised audio/HiFi support.

The ADOT clearly demonstrates what an optical link can do to clean-up an internet connection. All aspects of sound quality are improved, making streamed music nigh on indistinguishable from local CD or SACD playback. Iím a big fan of Qobuz Hi-Rez streaming and I now view an optical connection as essential to get the best sound - you can really hear the difference something like 24/96 resolution makes.

Excellent, Consummately Professional Service
27 September 2021  |  Lynn

Iglooaudio supplied these headphobes in good time woth supeeb communications when DPD nearly dropped the ball by water damging the package...Igloo kept us well informed with the reassurance of assistance shpuld the product be defective.....Highly recommended!!

Quality Product
06 August 2021  |  Mike

The Lindemann Limetree Bridge provides a high sound quality input to a good DAC for streaming from a NAS or on-line services. Matched with Graham Slee equipment (Majestic and Proprius) it sounds superb, and even matches in appearance.
The dedicated control app may be a little clunky but works reliably.
Highly recommended!

01 August 2021  |  Tony

excellent quality - robust

01 August 2021  |  Tony

excellent sounding product - perfect for my purposes!

Clearaudio from Igloo Audio
28 July 2021  |  John

I ordered the CLEARAUDIO CONCEPT MC TURNTABLE PACKAGE & Cover from Igoo. Peter engaged me straightaway and discussed my requirements and explained as it was Made to Order there could be up to an 8 week wait. I was happy with this and Peter kept me updated through the process. The Items were delivered and I have to say it was well worth the wait. The Clearaudio is a brilliant piece of kit. The build quality is fabulous and it comes fully configured and is so easy to set up and get going. Literally just plug & play. I cannot recommend this product and Igloo highly enough.

Graham LS6
14 May 2021  |  Gordon

The BBC style monitor speaker seemed to fit my needs - retro style, emphasis on clarity but with just enough bottom end. After reading several online reviews I decided to buy without auditioning, safe in the knowledge that Peter at Igloo Audio would let me return if I was unhappy. Well the speakers are everything and more than I could have wished for. More lower frequencies than I expected, super clean mids. Solid and beautifully made in the UK. Very impressed not only with the speakers but also with the service and advice from Peter at Igloo. Many thanks.

Upgrade for Melco N100
04 May 2021  |  Steven

This is a well built and substantial unit . Initial impressions are an overall improvement to clarity, timing and a sense of ease to the sound that makes listening fun. Improvement to percussive sounds, particularly drums, cymbols and piano are marked.

Great value
01 May 2021  |  Barry

My first experience with these cables was with my Puritan mains purifier and I was impressed with the build and the cable didnít seem to restrict the performance of the other cables plugged into the Puritan mains purifier. The rest of my system uses Gutwire mains cables, which have proven a good match in general, but I was struggling to get a balanced sound from my Gold Note DS-10 with PS-10 and Iíve found digital components to be highly affected by physical isolation and mains, so I decided to try this Puritan cable. After a few hours burn-in the Gold Note is noticeably more balanced with a generally more realistic presentation. I compared Dave Brubeckís Time Out to my reference 45rpm vinyl edition and the Gold Note was suddenly much closer to the ideal tonal balance and more able to hint at the nuances in every instrument that the vinyl front-end so readily serves up. A great value solution to a distracting problem. Mains cables are very component and system specific so it may or may not work for you, but if you have a similar problem, itís a relatively low cost way to try and treat it.

Fantastic service
01 May 2021  |  Simon

Superb service from Igloo as usual.

Quality product and service
11 April 2021  |  Peter

Very happy with the build and sound quality of the matrix audio mini-I 3 pro. Very flexible unit regarding sources. Also happy with the service and order progress updates I received from Igloo audio. Highly recommended

Great speakers by any measure
03 April 2021  |  Simon

These are tiny wonders. To be honest, I wasn't expecting these to be as good as they are. I don't really have any criticisms. If you take into account the fact the boxes are small, you can't really expect cavernous bass, but there's never a sense the bass is lacking, unlike other small speakers I've used. They're really punchy and exciting, but also fine at low volume. I bet in years to come we'll look back on this model as a masterpiece.

The service from Igloo was, as usual, exemplary. My favourite hifi dealer nowadays.

22 March 2021  |  Keith

Purchased this after a recommendation from my local retailer for doing Dirac on my home cinema
Very simple too download onto pc works perfectly 👍

Highly recommended
14 March 2021  |  Barry

Iíd dabbled with mains conditioners about twenty years ago and found they all compressed dynamics, turning music into a clean but lifeless lump.

More recently I noticed that my system often sounded better late at night and could sound flat at other times. We have plenty of digital kit in our household these days and I wondered whether mains conditioning had come on in the last twenty years. All the reviews I could find spoke positively about the Puritan and the price seemed fair, so I took the plunge. As ever, Iglooís service was fast and comms were great.

The Puritan is a revelation! I can honestly say that if you do not have this mains conditioner in your system and your mains are anything like mine, then you are not hearing what your system can do. The changes in my system were not subtle. Every instrument gained more space, layers of complex percussion could be heard rising and disappearing with long sustain. The improvements were very noticeable from my £20K vinyl front-end and even more noticeable on my much more humble Gold Note digital front-end. Scale improved and new details were evident. It didnít make it a match for the vinyl front-end and it didnít change the underlying tone of the streamer/DAC but it did bring its scale a step closer to the vinyl spinner.

Iíve recommended the Puritan to my audiophile friend whoís recently ordered one from Igloo, so it will be interesting to hear his experiences in a very different system to mine and in a different part of the country.

12 February 2021  |  Barry

The Evo PSU has been deployed with my DS-10 since I bought the latter, so I donít have a comparison with a base DS-10, but I can say that the PSU ensures the DS-10 is ghostly quiet and gives plenty of room around instruments. It doesnít turn the DS-10 into a dynamics monster though.

12 February 2021  |  Barry

This is my first experience of streaming and itís proving a great facility to try new albums and artists and to fill gaps in my collection. I tried a NAD C658 prior to buying the DS-10 and found it very uneven-handed, sounding good on hi-res but flat on 16/44. The DS-10 with Evo PSU is much more consistent. It produces an open and friendly sound with excellent imaging. The sound lacks the dynamics and grandeur of that from my much more expensive vinyl front-end, but thatís the case with every digital device Iíve used. Overall, for casual listening and exploring new material, itís very good value, well made and easy to use. One issue Iíve had is that I have limited bandwidth and the DS-10 doesnít cache the stream if you pause it so I sometimes have problems playing 24/192 streams, which is frustrating.

27 January 2021  |  Roland

SCM19 loudspeakers,very interesting
Before I had the atc's I had my LS50
For listening,to hi fi.A good speaker
detail,imaging very acceptable.
playing the 19,the sound is so much
bigger,the speakers seem to disappear. For myself it's the way the
music is presented rather than the
frequency response,although detail
is superb very's difficult
to relay the sound to words very satisfied with the 19's
Best Regards R Jones

22 December 2020  |  John

A pleasure to do business with Igloo. Appreciated that Peter seems happy to offer advice without any hard selling. Made it easy to buy a pair of speakers that are clearly very well made and sound really good. So I am a happy customer and happy to recommend Peter and ATC.

10 December 2020  |  Simon

Fantastic speakers. Big sound for such a compact speaker. Need a decent amp unquestionably. Quite prevalent in the 150 - 350 Hz area I would say. Satin black finish is splendid. Great service from Peter at Igloo.

Hegel H120 review and Igloo Audio
06 December 2020  |  Peter

Excellent product and the service from Igloo Audio was excellent.Very easy to recommend this 5 star company

Chord Hugo2
26 November 2020  |  Gary

I have made previous purchases with Peter at Igloo Audio and always received a first class service snd Would recommend his shop without hesitation.
My latest purchase has been the Chord Hugo2 which I have for a few weeks and I feel its now burnt in.
This is not cheap portable headphone amp but it feels class and has performance to match.
Needs to be paired with suitable quality cables headphones and source and you will be rewarded with some of the most transparent and natural sound availability in this sector.

Exposure newbie
30 October 2020  |  Jeremy

My search for amplification enough to drive some ATC SCM40s led me to call Peter at Igloo Audio. Really glad I did.

He took time to enquire about my listening environment and what I was looking for in terms of sound quality etc. So glad I considered his recommendation for an Exposure 3010 series integrated amp. I ended up going for this pre-amp and these matching mono blocks. They make an excellent partnership and I think they must be 'tuned' together or something because they work so well.

The ultimate recommendation was by my OH who immediately commented on our first listen how clear and enjoyable the music was -delighted. This is turning me into a music first kind of HiFi fan. Love it!

Exposure newbie
30 October 2020  |  Jeremy

My search for amplification enough to drive some ATC SCM40s led me to call Peter at Igloo Audio. Really glad I did.

He took time to enquire about my listening environment and what I was looking for in terms of sound quality etc. So glad I considered his recommendation for an Exposure 3010 series integrated amp. I ended up going for this pre-amp and matching mono blocks. They make an excellent partnership and I think they must be 'tuned' together or something because they work so well.
The ultimate recommendation was by my OH who immediately commented on our first listen how clear and enjoyable the music was -delighted. This is turning me into a music first kind of HiFi fan. Love it!

Small But Powerful
01 October 2020  |  Mr

I currently own a Linn Sondek turntable with an Akito arm and AT440MLb cartridge, with a pair of Epos K3 loudspeakers.
These were originally being used with a Roksan Blak amplifier with my HP laptop connected via an Audio Quest Cinnamon USB lead for streaming music.

On connecting the Sprout, the difference was immediate, with a superb soundstage, deep and defined bass extension with the higher frequencies showing extreme clarity without any fatigue.
I find myself constantly playing my vinyl, exploring the nuances and details on each record I had not yet heard. The phono stage is MM and needs no phono amp [I tested it with my Simaudio Moon 110lp phono amp to no benefit] while the DAC is fantastic at extracting every bit of information.
By comparison, I found the Blak a little harsh on the higher frequencies and the bass a little confused making it difficult to identify the bass guitar apart from the bass drum. Not so with the Sprout.
The delivery and timing have great weight and a real punch. This may be a diminutive piece of kit but it punches way beyond its appearance and accommodates all the inputs I need at a price which shames comparable amplifiers at three or four times its price.

An Amp for music lovers.
23 August 2020  |  Charles

Careful speaker matching is very necessary. I will recommend Bookshelf speakers over Floorstands.

Good sound but comfort issues
22 August 2020  |  Danny

I bought these headphones to see if cheaper planar types were any good. In short, they are. detail retrieval is excellent, the imaging is not too narrow and there is a real sense of spaciousness about the sound. However, for me as a glasses wearer the comfort is not quite there. The pressure from the headband is quite high and after a while can become uncomfortable. I suspect this would not be so much of an issue for someone not wearing glasses.

Ugly Duckling with a Sweet Song
14 August 2020  |  John

The Lindemann Limetree Bridge, like the other items in the series, will not be winning any beauty contests and may look a little out-of-place nestling beside traditional amplifiers. That is the worst thing I have to say.

Coupled with a Chord Qutest DAC, the sound quality produced by this humble-looking little box is astonishing. Deep, melodious and taut bass with no hint of boom. Excellent midrange clarity allows you to finally understand song lyrics. Sparkling crisp top end really lets you hear how rimshots on a high hat really sound!

The Android control app is stable and provides speedy assured control of the unit. Press 'Pause' on the app and the music really does stop right away. This is an important 'Plus' for the Limetree as there is no alternative remote control wand.

The combination of the Limetree Bridge and Chord Qutest put far more expensive streamers such as the Naim NDX 2 to shame in terms of pure audio performance. If you can live with the rather dowdy looks, then do not hesitate!

outstanding sound
07 August 2020  |  Brian

brilliant sound from attractive speakers.
Excellent customer service

Well executed and sounds great
28 June 2020  |  David

I upgraded from a Bluesound Node 2i and after reading good reviews I took a leap of faith on the Aries G1. It's expensive, granted but I didn't want to spend Innous kind of money and have to pay for Roon and so this fitted the bill.

There is no DAC inside but running into my current setup there was an apparent amount of extra detail and a bigger sounds stage and music became more dimensional.

The lightning DS App is great for control and even though the bluesound is amongst the best this is just as good. Feature wise the G1 has plenty and I've made use of the parametric eq enabling my to shape the sound especially at low volumes where the bass and treble need a bit of a lift.

All in all, expenaive but worth it.

Amazing speakers
26 June 2020  |  Anthony

I have had these for a couple of weeks now, and I just can't stop listening to them, the mid range and treble are supurb and the bass is really tight, a perfect match for my Hegel amp.
As usual the service Peter offers is second to none.

Orea Equipment Pucks
10 June 2020  |  Richard

I placed three Oreas underneath my preamp/processor and noticed an immediate improvement to the sound. More extension and definition to the bass, more detail to the mid-range and treble, and improved prescence to the reproduction of whatever was playing.
The feet cost 1.5% of the cost of the processor, so they have proved a very worthwhile investment imo.
This begs the question why the manufacturers can't fit, as standard, feet which match the status of their products?

Exposure 3010 S2D
07 June 2020  |  Nigel

Having owned a large number of amplifiers over the years, I can confidently say that this is the best integrated amp. Iíve heard- great timing, great detail and very musical. Itís also incredibly dynamic which is very apparent when playing some classical symphonic discs. Service and support from Igloo Audio was exemplary as indeed was customer support from Exposure

British design triumph.
07 June 2020  |  David

Needing to replace my 40 year old 40w Crimson Elektrik 520 power amplifier being fed from my Exposure 17 pre amp was always going to be a hard ask. Peter gave sound guidance and the reasoning behind that thought process to aid my decision. So much was discussed over the telephone due to covid 19. Room size listening distance and partnering equipment all played a part in keeping the standard I was used to and improving on it. I am absolutely delighted with the result. Soundstage and control has improved immeasurably and the overall effect is perfect. With the Exposure 3010S2 power amp I now have an infinitely more pleasurable listening experience. Thank you Peter, I shall when circumstances allow be arranging a visit to further explore how I may better my mains electric feed.

Harbeth 30.2 Anniversary Speakers
16 May 2020  |  George

As a long time user of the mighty P3ESR speakers, which offer so much of the Harbeth fabled midrange, I was hesitant about needing to spend anymore for another pair of speakers.
Then came along covid-19 and made me realise life was too short for regrets.
Having chatted with Peter and finding out that Harbeth only had two pairs of the 30.2's left available to buy ... I pulled the trigger.
The purchase was easy and smooth with Igloo Audio and I was pleased to see them turn up on the day promised.
Ok ... so a couple of weeks in and listening to the 30.2's the easiest thing to say is that they sound like the P3ESR's only bigger ... by that I mean soundstage, bass, volume ... I could just go on.
When I look at them and the P3's side by side I'm thinking big brother and little brother together and to me that's what they sound like.
Give them space and plenty of watts and you will be rewarded.
Acoustic music is a delight on them as is male and female voice. I have a pair of Sonus Faber Guarneri Memento speakers which I have always found to be amazing with piano ... the 30.2's are right up there with them.
No getting away from the fact these speakers are expensive and that you can buy other makes for much less - but as I said earlier if covid-19 has demonstrated anything to all of us then it's that life is fragile and too short to have regrets.
Buy with confidence Harbeth's from Igloo Audio.

Chord Hugo 2GO
12 May 2020  |  David

The 2GO produces superb results with Hugo2. The Chord software, for the 2Go, is limited but alternative apps are available.

Itís not all over in the 60ís!
09 May 2020  |  David

Being at the wrong end of the wrong 60ís, sadly, the weakest link in my music system is me. In deference to the neighbours it has become necessary to invest in headphones to whack the volume up a notch. I am very happily amazed at the clarity and the detail that emerge from the cans; detail that simply was not there whenever the neighbours were out and the speakers were rocking the foundations!

Replacement for Stello U3
30 March 2020  |  Aidan

1. It did the job - great product for those like me who have an audio pc and need to connect it to sp dif input. My Stello was a great product and the Matrix was more than an adequate replacement.
2. The sound was different, I thought. It was more detailed ("clinical" and with more defined stereo. My test was Miles Davis Kind of Blue on CD. Cannonball Adderley's alto sax was particularly distinctive. Well pleased and would recommend to those with similar needs.

Ps audio power plant 3
21 March 2020  |  Kevin

Not a tweak. No question major upgrade to system
Improved all aspects of soung. Nessesity rather than luxury.

09 February 2020  |  Gerald

In my humble opinion and undoubtedly the best upgrade to what already was a great sound
The music just breaths. Better imaging and sound stage
Very highly recommended

Best CD player Iíve had
07 January 2020  |  Melvyn

Hi I listen to a lot electric jazz certain labels like ECM ACT VERVE BLUE NOTE sound stunning.Best upgrade so far.M.Alexander

06 January 2020  |  David

What can i say about these speakers that has not already been written. Only my journey i've been through Dynaudio, Buchardt and PMC bookshelf speakers and i've finally settled on these.

They have a great amount of detail and the way they reproduce music is just lovely. I'm hearing things in my music i never heard before. Separation and soundstage just lovely. I have a very small room where i work and chill (2.5m x 2.2m) and they sound just a good sat at my desk 60cm away from the speakers as on my couch 1.5m away. For nearfield and very nearfield, highly recommended.

They are also good for low level listening, although they do benefit from being given a bit of power and they open up more.

If they have limitations, it's that they have limited bass, not as limited as some i have tested, but limited. I will be using a subwoofer with them. They also allegedly need plenty of power. I have a PS Audio Stella Gain Dac and S300 Power Amp. It clearly drives them loud enough. I will at some point move to class A/B amplification with more headroom as I feel there is more to come from these speakers.

25 November 2019  |  Peter

A lovely cable , very tunefull, works well with my Naim CDX5 to Naim DAC.

S Booster 12 volt mk2
29 September 2019  |  Robert

I connected the S Booster to my Arcam r Head amplifier and the sound improved in every way.
Even though it cost more than the amp, it was a very good purchase.

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