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Wednesday, 8 February 2017  |  Peter

Superior Sounding DAC & AMP combination

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We are very excited to be representing "Theory and Application" (T+A) and their excellent range of products, notably the DAC 8 DSD and AMP 8.

As a dealer, we are always looking for combinations that touch you emotionally when listening to your favourite music, with all the detail, dynamics and expression kept intact from the original recording. The secret is in that rare combination of traits or synergy between components that allows the studio or live recording to come alive, without the harshness and 2-dimentional sound often associated with modern digital electronics.

We could talk about the features, benefits and build quality but it's really the experience of listening to this combination with high quality accurate monitors that shows the true virtue of brilliant design and consideration.

The DAC 8 DSD rightly supports all formats, filters and functions, including pre-amplification all offered under £2.5k, and at a reference level of sound quality that cannot be surpassed without adding colouration or distortion for a subjectively preferred performance. Therefore, it is really the perfect digital to analogue converter (DAC) that only needs the perfect 'single ended' amplifier for total completion.

And that is where the AMP 8 steps in...

Not designed to drive difficult speaker loads down to 2 ohms but rather provide the purest sound possible at 100 watts per channel in a single-ended Class A/B configuration down to 4 ohms. When combined with the DAC 8 DSD, and suitable speakers like the Dali Epicon 2, Graham Audio LS 5/9, Neat Momentum SX5i..., you have a level of detail and depth of sound that is nothing short of amazing. Even given this impressive automatic only-switched-on performance (power saving) within the first 5-10 minutes you are rewarded with the most beautiful sound that is as much sweet as it is accurate and detailed to the original recording. Two years later, you are still listening to music, wondering where the time goes as each album is presented with honestly and emotion as intended by the artist. You simply fall for its charms and faith is restored that at least some companies (T+A) are able to re-write the rulebook on reproduction that brings you back to the music.

Worth ten times the investment for the pleasure this combination brings to your music.

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